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Unlocking The Brain's Potential: Chinese Medicine Solutions For Focusing Your Mind

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Are you tired of feeling forgetful, absent-minded, and detached? Experiencing a case of persistent brain-fog or cloudy mind? Don't worry, you're not alone! We've often been asked whether Traditional Chinese Medicine can help to improve focus and memory, so we've written an article to get the bottom of this conundrum.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidney system is closely related to brain function, so many of the herbs used to improve concentration can also happen to be kidney tonics. Surprisingly, Chinese medicine also differentiates forgetfulness from a cloudy mind. If you feel foggy and heavy-headed, your Chinese medicine diagnosis can be related to dampness, which is a Chinese way of discussing poor fluid metabolism and mucus accumulation. In this article we'll provide some common herbs that can help with focus, as well as some TCM formulas that are often used at the end of the article!

At Health Wise, our clinic has over thirty years of experience helping patients achieve better health and well-being. Our experienced practitioners will give you a proper Chinese medical diagnosis and prescribe a formula that is specially tailored to your circumstances. We have a range of formulas for brain fog that are adapted to different needs. If you're interested to learn more about herbal therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, visit our herbal therapy page.

At Health Wise we aim to deliver the best Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. To make an appointment, feel free to contact us today, our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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Without further delay let's dive into the next part of the article.

Article Contents:

Health Wise TCM Recommendations For Focusing Your Mind

Acupuncture at Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy For Chronic Pain Relief
Health Wise Traditional Chinese Medicine Solutions For Focusing Your Mind

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy Help You?

The underlying principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine differ from Western notions about health, and illness. If you're looking to cure the root cause of your problems in a holistic and natural way, Chinese Herbal Therapy may be a form of alternative medicine that may be a good choice for you.

TCM practitioners believe that issues arise from imbalances in the body and Chinese herbs are prescribed to correct these imbalances over time. Each person's body constitution is unique and the treatment modalities and prescriptions are altered to fit that changing environment. Through continual work, together we aim to treat the underlying disease.

Health Wise Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommendations For Focusing Your Mind

Herbs For Improving Brain Function

As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have a wealth of knowledge to share regarding natural remedies that support cognitive function. Everyone is different and our registered practitioners are qualified to blend herbal formulas that address your unique pattern of symptoms. Our curated herbal dispensary is only sourced from trusted providers with a history of providing the highest quality. Here is a handful of easily recognizable herbal recommendations to help enhance memory and focus:

Ginko Biloba: With over a decade of research and 125 studies, Ginkgo has been shown to effectively boost blood flow to the brain, leading to improved memory and mental clarity. If you would like to learn more about Gingko Biloba check out our article, ancient plant providing modern cures.

Salvia: This herb has been a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, renowned for its ability to increase blood flow. Recent studies from the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit at Northumbria University found that young people who received an extract of Salvia essential oil experienced notable improvements in word recall.

Acorus: Known as Shi Chang Pu in Chinese herbology, Acorus is a potent remedy for those experiencing a cloudy mind. It effectively dispells dampness to restore mental clarity and clear heavy-headedness.

Reishi mushrooms: These powerful adaptogens have been prized throughout Asia for thousands of years for their exceptional ability to instill calm and improve concentration. Incorporating reishi mushrooms into your daily health regimen can help you to optimize your mental clarity and increase your overall productivity.

Fish oil (Not a herb): Even though fish oil is not a herb, it deserves an honorable mention. Omega-3 is found in the brain in the form of DHA and works with a number of enzymes used for coordinating brain mechanisms. The omega-3 fatty acids are critical for normal brain function and development. Fish oil also has an incredible impact on the brain, especially when it comes to mild memory loss.

Lifestyle Recommendations For Focus

Keep Hydrated: Dehydration is an often overlooked cause of poor brain function. Research has shown that you only need to be 1% dehydrated to experience a 5% decrease in cognitive function.A 2% decrease in brain hydration can result in short term memory loss and have trouble with math computations.

Stop The Bad Habits: Poor lifestlye choices including smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking recreational drugs all affect memory. Health Wise is able to help you with cravings as you drop your bad habits.

Acupuncture for the brain: Studies show that acupuncture can have an effect on brain function. We have found that a course of 6 treatments is often all that is needed for people to find their focus.

More Specific Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Formulas For Focus

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are oftentimes used in conjunction with one another in order to enhance their efficacy. A commonly used formula for improving cognitive function is Bu Nao Wan (Cerebral Tonic Pills), which is great for memory problems relating to weakness in the kidney system. This formula uses several herbs, such as Wu Wei Zi (Schizandra) and Suan Zao Ren (Zizyphus), that have been used for hundreds of years to calm the mind and help with focus.

Gui Pi Tang (Spleen Restoring Tea) is another formula that can come up for those whose symptoms stem from anxiety or over-thinking that lead to memory problems. Shen Ling Bai Zhu Wan (Ginseng, Poria and Atracylodis Pills) is a good choice for people who suffer from a cloudy mind due to poor fluid metabolism and damp.

If you're interested in getting a formula catered to your individual needs from our experienced pracitioners, get in touch with us today to book a consultation and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Call: +852 2526 7908

Whatsapp: +852 9855 2840



Chinese Herbal Therapy at Health Wise

Get in touch with us if you want to take another step further! Our clinic has over thirty years of experience, and we aim to deliver the best Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong.

Our Formulas

Our formulas contain a combination of herbs that are uniquely selected to support your health. Our registered practitioners are qualified to blend herbs that address your symptoms and treat your whole body. Our herbal dispensary will mix the unique herbal formulas as prescribed by our practitioners to treat your diagnosis.

Herbs Sourcing

Our herbs are carefully sourced from growers and manufacturers that we trust to provide pure and effective herbs.

Our Process

You are always changing so we believe your herbs should change accordingly. We adjust your formulas to suit. In addition, we will provide clear directions on how to take your herbs. When you need a refill just come on in.

The benefits of Chinese Herbal Therapy increase over time and can yield long-term health benefits. Thank you for reading this short article.

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