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Natural Herbs To Boost Your Immune System

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

We should all be encouraged to take far better care of our immune system, today we're sharing some of our recommendations for our top herbs to boost immunity in order to stay healthy and free from disease.

Health Wise has over thirty years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and we aim to deliver valuable information to help you take a proactive approach to your health. If you want to learn more about Herbal Therapy at Health Wise, visit our Herbal Therapy page!

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Article Contents:

Natural Solutions For Boosting Immunity

Chinese Medicine Green Tea
Natural Herbs To Boost Immunity

What Is Chinese Herbal Therapy?

Chinese herbology is one of the world's most comprehensive and oldest forms of traditional medical therapy. It has over 5,767 herbs recorded in the materia medica (TCM medicinal substances book).

Chinese herbal therapy focuses on plant-based, natural ingredients to treat symptoms of the patient's health problems. Most of the herbs consumed are made from flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, roots, and other plant parts.

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Natural Solutions For Boosting Immunity

Here are five of our top herbs for boosting the immune system

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Astralagus Root

Astragalus, a well-known herb in Chinese medicine, possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Research studies reveal that the roots of the Astragalus can enhance the body's resistance to infection.

Research has suggested that astragalus may be an effective supplement for restoring the health of individuals who have weakened immune systems. Studies have revealed that supplementing with astragalus may reduce a patient's recovery time.


Ginseng is a helpful immune booster that facilitates the healthy functioning and effect of all cells in the body. Ginseng can help to boost endurance and strength, as well as mental capacity and alertness,

Ginseng is good for the heart and the management of diabetes. In addition, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help with a number of inflammatory conditions.

Ginseng is not to be used in healthy individuals for an extended length of time as there can be unwanted side effects. We recommend seeking professional advice on the usage of ginseng for the best efficacy.

Health Wise has over 30 years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and if you're interested in herbal therapy treatments, feel free to contact us and make an appointment. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

Angelica Root

Angelica is a plant native to Russia and Scandinavian countries. The root, seed, and fruit can be used to make different medicines. The dried root of the Angelica plant is used in Chinese medicine to enrich the blood, promote blood circulation and improve the immune system as well as treat respiratory tract conditions and cold-related problems.


Ginger contains many powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. It can help to support a healthy immune system due to its antioxidant properties. When you consume more foods containing ginger, it can decrease your chance of suffering from inflammation and boost your immune system. In addition, ginger also has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties.

In research studies, ginger root has been shown to reduce inflammation in those who suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and certain cancers (Study on Inflammatory Response, Study on Protective & therapeutic use, Study on rheumatoid arthritis, Study on anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects).


Honey is not a herb however we wanted to include it in this article because it is a natural remedy that you can easily attain to boost your immune system.

Throughout history, natural, raw honey has been regarded as a type of folk medicine. Recently, it has been drawing attention as an effective natural therapy because of its ability to suppress acute inflammation by enhancing our body's immune response.

Beware that most grocery store honey is pasteurized. The heat kills undesirable yeast, enhances the flavor, eliminates any crystallization, and increases the shelf life. However, many of the beneficial nutrients are destroyed during the process as well.

If you’re interested in getting raw honey, it's important to do your own research and attain it from a trusted source.

Alternatively Health Wise has a curated dispensary of over 300 herbs and natural remedies. Feel free to contact us with questions about attaining herbs and natural remedies. You can call 2526 7908 or email

Our Curated Dispensary

At Health Wise, we have curated a selection of over 300 herbs to make unique formulas that we love to use ourselves and also recommend to our patients.

We craft individual formulas to detox & clear toxins, invigorate circulation as well as supplement and nourish the body. Creating the best selection available, all placed in one convenient sachet.

Health Wise Practitioners

We can try to manage issues ourselves, however, it is always best to seek professional help for the best results.

At Health Wise, our professional team of practitioners will work together with you to create a custom solution to suit your body composition. We create herbal formulas based on your unique pattern of symptoms. Come and see our Health Wise practitioners.

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