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Press Articles Featuring Health Wise Chinesemed

See press articles featuring HealthWise Chinese Medicine. Our clinic and our experienced practitioners have been interviewed by the South China Morning Post, GeoBaby, GeoExpat, AsiaTatler, Sassy Mama, Health & Wellness Nomad and more!

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

From controlling appetites to skin conditions, managing joint pain and boosting fertility, acupuncture in Hong Kong has become much more popular and widely accepted today. This modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine works by inserting thin needles into the targeted area, gently applying pressure, and warming certain areas of the body, and for anyone who’s tried it, there’s no denying that it hits the nerves...

Pregnancy Test

How Traditional Chinese Medicine treats sexual problems

Chinese medicine targets three organs primarily responsible for sexual health concerns to get the qi flowing – and they aren’t the ones you might expect...

Fruit Pie

Acupuncture & Well being

"Acupuncture involves stimulating certain points, referred to as acupoints, on a human body to relieve pain and promote healing and overall well-being..."  

Brown Hair Model

Restoring Your Crowning Glory

"Her western medical training offered up few solutions. She had heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including how it treats patients holistically rather than by addressing symptoms in isolation, and decided to try it out..."

Neck Treatment

Natural Therapies to Fight Cancer

"I have seen Dr. Troy Sing at Healthwise, Des Voeux Road, Central. This is helpful for peripheral neuropathy (numbness in hands & feet post chemo), relaxation, plus Dr Sing has been recently studying acupuncture with regard to its benefits for cancer patients. A recent study published also shows acupuncture can reduce pain from bone metastases..."


The Ultimate Guide to Acupuncture in Hong Kong

Acupuncturists are, simply said, practitioners who are professionally trained to perform acupuncture. Acupuncture is a major part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a recognized therapeutic modality approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Hong Kong's Top Wellness Spots

Locals and visitors alike swear by ancient Chinese medicine to remedy all manner of health concerns, and Troy Sing is the go-to for TCM and acupuncture...


Alternative Healing and TCM: Acupuncture During Pregnancy

"These days, more women are turning to acupuncture as an alternative to Western medicine for common to severe prenatal issues. Interested to learn more?"

Newborn Baby

Geobaby Troy Sing Fertility Treatment Thread

"He is a chinese doc/acupuncturer. I see some moms recommend him but mostly because they are doing IVF as well. So I would like to know is it possible for me to conceive without IVF while seeing him..."

Reiki Treatment

Ultimate Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) In Hong Kong

"Considered one of Hong Kong’s leading TCM and acupuncture clinics, Healthwise has been providing treatment for everything from simple strained muscles to hormonal imbalances since 1990..."

Cupping Therapy

What is cupping therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? 

Applying suction cups to create a vacuum is believed to stimulate the flow of qi, the “life force” that circulates in our bodies according to TCM principles. The suction breaks tiny blood vessels under the skin, triggering the body’s self-healing process, boosting circulation and lymphatic flow and expelling toxins...

Mothers and their Baby

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy

"Looking to give your chances of getting pregnant a holistic boost? Or seeking all-natural remedies for a challenging pregnancy? Dr. Troy Sing of Health Wise explain how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help women conceive and cope with their pregnancies..."

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Three Teacups

A spoonful of medicine from HealthWise Chinesemed

Locals and visitors alike swear by ancient Chinese medicine to remedy all manner of health concerns, and Troy Sing is the go-to for TCM and acupuncture...

Nature Photographer

Your Guide to Alternative Chinese Healing Practices in Hong Kong

Afraid of needles? You might want to avoid acupuncture. This healing practice is believed to have originated in China around 100 BC and spread to other parts of Asia later on. Said to improve and prevent illnesses, pains, and even acne

Acupuncture Session

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Ingredients That Can Help To Boost Your Health

"Traditional Chinese Medicine has been making its way back into the mainstream with the popularisation of more natural methods of achieving health and wellness. In Chinese medicine, Qi is the vital energy that helps regulate the body and keeps it functioning normally..."

Press Articles Featuring Health Wise

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