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5 Herbs for Reducing Stress

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Herbs can help us to regain our focus and cope with stress. Their healing attributes can bring positive effects. Today we'll take a look at 5 herbs for reducing stress.

Scientific studies have shown that herbs can help to relieve stress in a natural way whilst avoiding adverse side effects. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we use herbal therapy to create balance and stability in the body. Herbal medicines can help to improve circulation, provide nutrients, and improve the body's ability to remove metabolites. Through herbal therapy and other modalities, we aim to address the root cause of the symptoms and create stable and lasting results. Be sure to visit our Herbal Therapy page for more information.

It is important to consult a professional before taking herbs, especially if you are taking any medication at the same time. Health Wise has over thirty years of clinical experience. We aim to deliver the best Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. If you want to learn more about our clinic or make an appointment, feel free to contact us. For inquiries. you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

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Article Contents:

Herbs For Reducing Stress

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy For Reducing Stress

Chinese Medicine Green Tea
Herbs For Reducing Stress

Herbs For Reducing Stress

Here are five of the most common herbs that you can incorporate into your everyday life to help you reduce stress:

1. Chamomile

2. Lavender

3. Lemon Balm

4. Hawthorne Berry

5. St. John's Wort

Let’s see how these herbs reduce stress and why they are so effective!

1. Chamomile

The yellow and white flower heads of the chamomile plant have been known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties since ancient times.

You can find chamomile being used in the following products to relieve stress:

• Tablets

• Teas

• Extracts

• Skin creams

The findings in a 2016 clinical trial showed the safety and efficacy of chamomile as a long-term cure for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). In particular, chamomile works wonders for headaches, sleep disorders, and stomach problems.

Here's a helpful link to get chamomile tea online.

2. Lavender

Lavender is a flowering plant with a pleasant smell and belongs to the mint family.

Lavender can help to relieve tension, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. A 2017 review found that essential oils from lavender can be a helpful short-term treatment for anxiety problems with positive results.

Here's a helpful link to get lavender essential oil online.

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is another common herb that can be used to combat stress. The leaves of this inconspicuous mint family plant contain various useful essential oils.

In addition, it contains saponins, which can have a relaxing and calming effect.

Lemon balm can be used in tea, but you can also use it as an ingredient in herbal baths or use lemon balm oil in aromatherapy.

Lemon balm is beneficial in:

• Stress-related stomach issues

• Intestinal problems

• Light sleep disorders

• Concentration disorders

Lemon balm can be used in conjunction with valerian root for treating insomnia and promoting relaxation.

4. Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn is recommended for mild nervousness and anxiety.

In addition, hawthorn can also help to:

• Aid Digestion

• Regulate blood pressure

• Reduce Anxiety

Here's a helpful link to getting hawthorn berry supplements online.

5. St. John's Wort

This plant has numerous medicinal benefits. The substance hypericin found in St. John's Wort can inhibit the production of norepinephrine, which can lead to more dopamine available. St. John's Wort can help to create a relaxing state and promote anxiety-relieving effects.

St. John's wort is considered a gentle remedy for:

• Mental tension

• States of exhaustion

• Mild depression

• Sleep disorders

• General nervous restlessness

Here's a helpful link to get St. John's Wort supplements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy For Reducing Stress

Now that you've learned a little about herbs that can help you to reduce stress, let's take a look at a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. TCM Practitioners will combine herbs together according to the patient's unique condition in order to achieve the best results for stress relief.

Xiao Yao San (逍遥散) is another commonly prescribed formula for relieving stress in addition to the 5 herbs mentioned above. The prescription is made of the following herbs: Peppermint (Bohe, 薄荷), Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归), White Atractylodes (Baizhu, 白术) and Poria (Fuling, 茯苓), Hare’s Ear Root (Chaihu, 柴胡).

There is no doubt that herbs can be a great option for you to reduce stress naturally, however herbal remedies are not acute treatments and it can take several days to weeks before the effects are seen. Before using any herbs be sure to understand the drug interactions with other prescriptions you might be using. If you are in doubt, it would be wise to consult a professional before attempting anything yourself.

If you're interested in herbal therapy treatments, feel free to contact us and make an appointment. For inquiries. you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

Health Wise Practitioners

We can try to manage conditions ourselves to some extent, however, it is always best to seek professional help for the best results. At Health Wise, our professional team of practitioners will work together with you to create a custom solution to suit your body composition. We create herbal formulas based on your unique pattern of symptoms. Come and see our Health Wise practitioners.

For inquiries. you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

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