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Our Therapies

Chinese Medicine is rooted in giving you the power to to take your health into your own hands


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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Therapies at Health Wise

At Health Wise Chinese Medicine, our therapeutic methods include:

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Acupressure, Moxibustion, GuaSha and more. 

Please follow the links on the images below to learn more about our therapies.

If you would like to understand more about Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies click here.

Acupuncture Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Herbal Therpaies Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Moxibustion Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
TCM Therapies Health Wise CMC
Acupressure Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Cupping Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Gua Sha Treatment | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Chinese Medicine Theory | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong
Yellow Tea for Herbal therapy


We practice Chinese Medicine because we aim to understand the intangible patterns that move through our bodies. 

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine

The origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is attributed to the founding fathers of Chinese culture (c.1,700 B.C.). TCM integrates, Daoism, Confucianism and cosmological concepts such Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. The ideas are outlined in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (220B.C)–widely recognized by present-day scholars as the authoritative manuscript of true Chinese medicine. 

There are distinctive features of Traditional Chinese Medicine that provides a model for mapping out the inter-relationship between the environment and the individual's physical, emotional and psychological components. For TCM practitioners it creates comprehensive understanding of the individual from a holistic perspective.

At Health Wise Chinese Medicine, we take the time to get to know you. We will look at your unique symptom pattern as part of our treatment to determine the best solution for your individual needs. Our therapeutic methods include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Acupressure, Moxibustion & GuaSha therapies.


What is Acupuncture - Brief

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture originated in China around 3,500 years ago and remains one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world. Nowadays, science can explain its effectiveness.

Acupuncture can help to promote healing by offering a small electrical prompt to the body to restore homeostasis & balance. It promotes circulation in the body and improves function where needed.

To many people it may come as a surprise but acupuncture can act as a natural analgesic and reduce pain by interrupting pain signaling. It can also reduce inflammation.

What is Herbal Therapy?

Herbal Therapy is another key aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese Herbal preparations use botanical, mineral and zoological substances which have undergone centuries of clinical evaluation.


The first Materia Medica listed 365 contents (25-220 C.E.). Today, over 5,000  entries are listed. Although clinically,  most practitioners work with 300-450 substances. Learn more about Herbal Therapy here

What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion is part of Acupuncture therapy. It is a form of cauterization and was a development following the controlled use of fire. The word moxa derives from a Dutch transliteration of the Japanese words ‘moxgusa,’ which basically means to burn a herb.


Ai Ye is the herb used to warm and stimulate acupuncture points through a process called moxibustion. It improves circulation to relieve pain, boosts energy, and is used to warm the uterus to treat some types of infertility. We even use it to encourage breech babies to turn. Learn more about Moxibustion here

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure massage examines the body's meridians by applying pressure techniques to specific acupoints that are distal or proximal to the problem. The magnitude and time duration of applied pressure is varied, depending on the desired reaction.  

Manipulation therapy includes specialized massage to specific areas through practitioner-guided movement of the extremities, head, neck and spine.  The purpose is to remove obstructions in the superficial vessels, improve circulation of blood, regulate tissues, and relax muscles. Learn more about Acupressure here

What is Cupping?

Cupping is a part of the acupuncture ecosystem. Cupping feels like massage (only, in reverse!). By gently pulling the muscles and fascia upwards, it draws toxins to the surface of the skin where the immune system is better able to eliminate them.

Originally ancient Chinese used hollow horns of animals for the suction device. By briefly heating the air in an inverted horn cup, a vacuum is produced and the cup is quickly applied to the skin.  Resultant low pressure in the cup-to-body space causes a localized expansion of the tissue.  This then causes a profound vasodilatation reaction. Thus, cupping is used to increase blood flow to painful constricted areas, and to re-supply vital nutrients and oxygen.  Cups of various sizes and shapes are also fashioned from bamboo.  Some are made of glass or ceramics. Learn more about Cupping here.

What is GuaSha?

Gua Sha improves local circulation and breaks up scar tissue or adhesions in the muscles and connective tissue. It is also a great adjunctive technique for treating respiratory conditions.

Guasha is a technique involving scraping the skin covered with oil, using a smooth-sided object. The side of a typical Chinese porcelain spoon or other small and smooth object is used. The oil contains herbs that, along with the scraping action, enhance vascular dilation.  This technique is used to remove stagnation and improve circulation in the superficial region. It produces a reddening of the skin which can last a full day. Learn more about GuaSha here.

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