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Lifestyle Councelling

Chinese Medicine is rooted in giving you the power to take your health into your own hands

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Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counselling | Healthwise Chinesemed | Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic Hong Kong

The main focus in traditional counseling is non-psychological.  Even though emotional problems are treated with Chinese medicine, they are mostly considered to be physically induced by organ dysfunction, influenced by dietary habits, or related to seasonal effects, or to be the result of stress.


Dietary counseling involves providing guidance on food consumption as well as on drinking.  Here, dietary advice is often concentrated on over consumption of particular foods or food types.  Advice is also provided on seasonally adjustment to food consumption.


The condition of one’s residence is important concern to health.  This involves concern about the interior of the residence as well as its location and geological surrounding, and even what types of plants are adjacent to the residence.  The practice of evaluating these factors is known as geomancy in the West and the Chinese call it ‘fengshui’. ‘ Fengshui’ literal means wind and water and is a highly developed system that considers all possible geophysical factors that influence a person’s health.

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