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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Eczema

Updated: May 5, 2021

Eczema typically presents itself as blotchy, itchy, or irritated skin. It is a group of skin conditions that cause sufferers both mental and physical discomfort. The symptoms of eczema can be treated with the use of steroids and topical medicines however it may lead to unwanted side effects. People with Eczema often experience reoccurrences of the condition leading to a chronic cycle of suffering.

People suffering from eczema may turn towards treatments in Traditional Chinese medicine in hopes of easing their symptoms whilst minimizing the side effects. Many people can benefit from alternative treatments such as dietary changes, the use of supplements, or both. Integrating a healthy lifestyle, acupuncture, and traditional herbs can also help to reduce the severity of eczema symptoms and in some cases cure the disease. If you're suffering from a chronic skin condition, be sure to visit our Internal Health page for more information.

This article will briefly cover Chinese Medicine for Eczema and provide you with some useful dietary changes that you can implement straight away to try to reduce your eczema symptoms. If your skin condition is causing you chronic discomfort you should aim to seek professional help. Our clinic has been helping patients for over 30 years. We aim to get to the root of the disease and help you cure your body. If you're interested in making a booking you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

Article Contents:

Chronic Eczema Patterns and Symptoms

How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Help With Eczema?

Possible Dietary Changes For Eczema

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Chronic Eczema Patterns and Symptoms

  • Develops gradually from an acute condition

  • It may affect any part of the body

  • Rough, thick, dry, and scaly skin

  • Severe itching