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Feeling Stressed? Chinese Medicine Tips on How To Relieve Stress

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Stress is an inevitable part of life. However, coming into the second year of the global pandemic, we have seen people experience a higher level of stress than ever before. Lives have been taken, plans have been ruined, and our day-to-day activity disrupted. The impacts of lock-downs and isolation have taken their toll on many people.

We understand that life can be stressful and we want to help you relieve stress from a Chinese Medicine perspective. We want to help you to work through your stress and cure the root of the issue. This article aims to provide a starting point to understand your stress from a TCM perspective and help you deal with managing your stress in the future.

Stressors can arise from a myriad of places. Each person experiences their own versions of stress. The impacts of stress have adverse effects. It can hurt your digestion and sleep. Cause musculoskeletal pains and worse. Left unattended stress can manifest itself into chronic conditions which lead to even bigger health problems later in your life.

Looking at stress from the TCM point of view can provide you with a new perspective. Our article may help you to find new ways of dealing with stress that you had not considered before. Dealing with your stress proactively can you live happier and healthier. Let’s dive in!

Article Contents:

Stress from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Stress and Digestive Health

Stress and Shoulder Tension

Tips for Treating Stress-related conditions

- Creating a free flow of Liver-Qi

- Eliminate Late Nights and Irregular Eating Habits

- Calm The Mind

- Nourish The Heart

- Excercise

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