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Chinese Medicine for Reducing Hair Loss

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Healthy hair requires a good flow of qi and blood to nourish the scalp. Insufficient nourishment to the scalp can cause hair loss. Deficiencies are often associated with a poor diet or poor assimilation of nutrients. In addition, stress and hormonal imbalances can also contribute to the issue. If you're suffering from hair loss, be sure to also visit our Diet and Healthy Living page for more helpful information on living a healthier lifestyle.

Hair loss can be a devastating experience. Globally, 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss (statistics from hair society). Most of whom, begin to suffer hair loss at the average age of 35. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 million women within the United States suffer from alopecia.

Traditional Chinese medicine can help to minimize hair loss. Through dietary changes, adopting a healthy lifestyle, regular acupuncture, and traditional herbal therapy the effects of hair loss can be reduced. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation to assist with your condition contact us. This article will look at hair loss from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, and provide suggestions for foods and herbs that you can incorporate into your diet to reduce hair loss.

Hair loss can have negative impacts on your life. If you need to seek professional help, our experienced practitioners are available. We have supported our patients for over 30 years. and together we can tackle the root of the disease and find a cure for your unique pattern of symptoms. For inquiries. you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

Article Contents:

How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Help With Hair Loss?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the condition of our hair is a reflection of the condition of our internal health. Thick, healthy glossy hair indicates an abundant flow of Kidney essence and Liver Blood. When we experience deficiencies, our hair may become dull and brittle. Deficiencies can also contribute to the greying and thinning of the hair.

In accordance with the natural aging cycle in Chinese Medicine, greying and thinning hair should only be experienced from the late thirties to forties in both men and women. Premature greying and thinning may be indicative of deficiencies in the Kidneys, Liver, Blood, Stomach, and Spleen.

Incorporating certain foods into a healthy and balanced diet, as well as attending regular acupuncture sessions can help to stimulate hair regrowth. Acupuncture can improve the flow of qi and blood to the scalp and promote hair regrowth. Chinese herbs can nourish qi and blood to avoid further excessive hair loss. At Health Wise, we utilize both acupuncture and herbal therapy along with dietary suggestions and lifestyle changes to help our patients reduce hair loss. Let's take a look at foods and herbs that you can use to reduce hair loss.

Foods for Reducing Hair Loss

Adopt a diet with a wide variety of foods. Omega 3 fatty acids can help with maintaining a healthy scalp. It can be found in salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds. In addition, omega 3 fatty acid supplements can also be taken.

Hair loss can be caused by a deficiency of iron; iron supplements can be found OTC. In addition, Vitamin B12 is needed for healthy hair. B12 can be found in eggs, poultry, and meat; vegetarians may need to take B12 as a supplement. Biotin is yet another B vitamin that helps with hair regrowth.

Herbs For Reducing Hair Loss

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that our internal health helps to determine our external complexion. Our liver regulates our blood flow and our kidneys help to store the essence of life (Jing). These two major organs are responsible for major signs in aging including greying and hair loss.

Herbs that are thought to be best at restoring healthy hair include the following:

  • Black Sesame Seeds (Heizima, 黑芝麻)

  • Eclipta (Mohanlian, 墨旱莲)

  • Fleeceflower Root (Heshouwu, 何首乌)

  • Cnidium (Chuanxiong, 川芎)

  • Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归)

  • Mulberry Leaf (Sangbaipi, 桑白皮)

  • Black Soybean (Heidou, 黑豆)

  • Psoralea Fruit (Buguzhi, 补骨脂)

  • Prepared Rehmannia Root (Shoudihuang, 熟地黄)

  • Cistanche (Roucongrong, 肉苁蓉)

  • Privet Seeds (Nvzhenzi, 女贞子)

  • Dodder Seeds (Tusizi, 菟丝子)

  • Cordyceps (Dongcongxiacao, 冬虫夏草)

  • Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (Yuzhu, 玉竹)

  • Lingzhi (灵芝)

  • Japanese Teasel Root (Xuduan, 续断)

In order to achieve the best efficacy from using these herbs, you should seek the help of a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Herbal formulas created by practitioners are catered specifically for your body and your unique pattern of symptoms. For the greatest efficacy, you should seek professional advice. If you're interested in seeing our experienced practitioners who can help you with your skin condition, follow this link.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments For Hair Loss

We can try to manage the condition ourselves to some extent, however, it is always best to seek professional help for the best results. At Health Wise, we'll work together to create a custom solution to suit your body composition. We create herbal formulas based on your unique pattern of symptoms.

If you're looking for a way to manage your hair loss, let us help you with your condition. Our clinic has over thirty years of experience in helping patients get to the root of their symptoms. If you're interested in seeing our experienced practitioners who can help you with your skin condition, follow this link.

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