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Astounding Benefits Of Nose Breathing Instead Of Mouth Breathing

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Welcome to part four of our series "Breathe"! Today we will explore the surprising benefits of nose breathing!

There are many astounding benefits to breathing through your nose instead of your mouth. It can help to reduce stress levels, aid your immune system, increase lung capacity, decrease your risk for allergies, and more!

At Health Wise, we strive to deliver valuable information to our community! Providing you with simple tips to practice at home in your free time! If you're looking for even more general health tips be sure to check out the Healthy Living section of our blog!

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Let's get started on the article!

Article Contents:

Breath - Health Wise Chinese Medicine
Breathe Part 3 - Health Wise Chinese Medicine

What Is Nose Breathing?

Breathing is often an unconscious act throughout our day, and we rarely spare a second thought for it. However, our body offers us two distinct ways to breathe; through our nose and through our mouth and there are important differences between nose breathing and mouth breathing.

Take a minute and start to think about the way you breathe. Have you noticed a difference between breathing through your nose and breathing through your mouth?

Our bodies are designed to breathe nasally (with mouth breathing as a redundancy) Your nose is the only organ that can be used to humidify the air before you inhale it into your lungs. It moisturizes and warms the air making it easier for your lungs to absorb and utilize the air.

In addition, nose breathing aids to filter inhaled air for contaminants and particulates. The nasal hair in our nose minimizes the dust, pollen, and contaminants entering our lungs. Nose breathing also produces a vasodilator, nitric oxide, which helps to widen blood vessels, and in turn, helps to improve oxygen circulation in the body.

Benefits Of Nose Breathing

Let's take a look at a list of the benefits from nose breathing, some of these benefits may surprise you!

  • Humidify inhaled air

  • Increase lung capacity

  • Improve diaphragm strength

  • reduce breathing rate

  • Increase circulation

  • Increase oxygen uptake

  • reduce contaminants entering the lungs

  • Reduce the risk of asthma

  • Reduce the risk of allergies

  • Assist immune system

  • Reduce snoring

  • Reduce the risk of sleep apnea

  • Reduce the risk of gingivitis

  • Reduce tooth decay

  • Reduce bad breath

  • Support correct teeth formation

  • Reduce jaw abnormalities

If you're interested to learn more about the benefits of nose breathing, take a look at this insightful book "Breath" by James Nestor. Follow the link below:

Nose Breathing Practice

Health Wise aims to empower you with the tools to take a proactive approach to your health. You can complete this next section in the comfort of your own home! Follow along with our nose breathing exercises at your own pace.

Get Ready

We'll compliment your nose breathing exercise with a relaxing soundscape to make the process even more enjoyable. Start playing our music video below or visit this Youtube link directly and let's get started on the next section.

How To Do Alternate Nasal Breathing?

This technique is called alternate nasal breathing. It is easy to do and very relaxing. Get comfortable, and let's get started:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position

  2. Use your right thumb to block your right nostril.

  3. Inhale through your left nostril.

  4. use your right ring finger to block your left nostril.

  5. Exhale through your right nostril.

  6. Now, inhale through your right nostril.

  7. Use your right thumb to block the right nostril.

  8. Exhale through your left nostril.

  9. Return to step 2

  10. Repeat this exercise for three minutes.

Become aware of how you feel at the end of the exercise.

We would like to encourage you to try to achieve better health and wellness every day. A starting point can be taking five minutes out of your day to complete our small breathing exercises.

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