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Acne Breakouts and How Chinese Medicine Can Help

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today we'll take a look at how Chinese Medicine can help with acne breakouts. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is considered a hologram: reflecting itself from within itself. In this way, our face, hair, and nails mirror our internal health, and the health of our internal organs is reflected on our body’s surface. What we see on our skin reveals a deeper truth about our internal health as a whole. Chinese Medicine may be able to give us some guidance on how to maintain healthy skin through maintaining holistic health within our body.

Health is interconnected in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When we experience weakness from within our internal environment, it can be reflected on our faces in the form of breakouts. A number of factors can affect our appearance from an irregular diet, disturbed sleep, poor living habits, and prolonged stress. These factors contribute towards decreased digestive function and cause poor circulation of both blood and qi. If you're suffering from a chronic skin condition, be sure to visit our Internal Health page for more information.

Traditional Chinese Medicine face-mapping techniques can be helpful towards identifying internal issues that need to be rebalanced. Through using these indicators we can help to treat the underlying stressors and clear the skin of acne.

Health Wise has over thirty years of clinical experience. We aim to deliver the best Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. Our new practitioner Dr. Sasa Fukuyanagi has a special interest in treating skin conditions. For a limited time until 30th June 2021, you can make a booking for a complimentary herbal consultation with Dr. Fukuyanagi.

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Face-mapping in Chinese Medicine

Before we start, we must attain an accurate idea of where the issue stems from. The Su Wen is a Traditional Chinese Medicine text over 2000 years old that instructs on a face mapping technique that can be used as a guide to map our internal environment against our external appearance.

Is your acne regularly appearing in the same area again and again? If you can identify any consistent areas where you constantly experience issues with your acne you can consider face mapping.

Health Wise Chinese Medicine Face Mapping
Health Wise Chinese Medicine Face Mapping

Forehead Acne

In Traditional Chinese Medicine face-mapping, the forehead is linked to digestion and the nervous system. If you are experiencing congestion and breakouts within this area it can be an indication of a poor diet or excessive stress.

To combat the former, avoid sugary, fatty, and processed foods. Increase your uptake of vegetables, fruit, and water to assist your digestive system. Aim to detoxify your liver - you can start with something simple, for example drinking dandelion tea or warm fresh lemon water in the morning.

If you've been undergoing too many late nights and suffering from a lack of sleep, acne may develop on your forehead T-zone. In addition, wrinkling and other skin issues in the T-zone may indicate underlying anger that has not been expressed or stored emotions.

Fixing stressors is a priority. Here are a few tips that may help you. Reduce your pent-up stress by practicing mindfulness, breath-work, and consistent exercise. In addition, we have a great article on stress that you can read more about.

Cheeks Acne

Your cheeks can be reflective of the underlying condition of your liver and lungs. If you're experiencing discoloration or patchiness on your cheeks it may indicate poor metabolism and low absorption of nutrients. Additionally, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, your cheeks are reflective of your lungs, experiencing flare-ups in this area can indicate issues linked to low lung capacity.

Support your lungs and liver meridians by reducing smoking and alcohol intake. Consistent cardiovascular exercise incorporating vigorous activity will also stimulate blood flow to the lungs.

Pay attention to which side of your face is affected. Breakouts on the left side are believed to be treatable by eating cooling foods such as melon and cucumber. Breakouts on the right side of the face tend to indicate lung concerns and also sugar imbalances.

Nose Acne

Breakouts on the nose are indicative of imbalances of the small intestine meridian. Aim to keep your digestive track flowing by avoiding cold beverages. Try to drink warm or ambient temperature beverages. Reduce your intake of spicy foods, meats, and salts that can clog the system.

Jawline Acne

Both Western and Eastern medicine agree that acne around the jawline is strongly correlated to hormones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, jawline acne indicates an imbalance in the kidney, which regulates reproduction.

Irregular periods, PCOS, ovarian function are regulated by the kidneys. Localized breakouts can be indicative of hormonal health.

Support the kidneys by eating clean and boosting your intake of fruits and vegetables. If cystic acne persists, it may be worth seeking professional help.

Chin Acne

Breakouts on the chin can indicate an imbalance in the state of your spleen and digestive system. Cleaning up your diet can keep your digestion in good condition. Aim to eat foods high in fiber including fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Aim to avoid overly processed foods, foods heavy in spice, and foods that are difficult to digest foods.


We also wanted to highlight the importance of cleanliness for maintaining the complexion of your skin. It's important to keep the surface of the skin clean whenever possible. If you're unsure of how to proceed our new practitioner Dr. Sasa Fukuyanagi has a special interest in treating skin conditions. For a limited time until 30th June 2021 you can make a booking for a complimentary herbal consultation with Dr. Fukuyanagi.

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Health Wise Practitioners

We can try to manage the condition ourselves to some extent, however, it is always best to seek professional help for the best results. At Health Wise, we'll work together to create a custom solution to suit your body composition. We create herbal formulas based on your unique pattern of symptoms.

If you're looking for a way to manage your hair loss, let us help you with your condition. Our clinic has over thirty years of experience in helping patients get to the root of their symptoms. If you're interested in seeing our experienced practitioners who can help you with your skin condition, follow this link.

For inquiries. you can follow this link here. Alternatively, you can call 2526 7908 or email

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