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Pregnancy Tea: The Baby Prep Formula

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Today we want to provide you with our Health Wise Pregnancy Baby Prep Tea Formula! Stick around for the bonus section at the end to learn more about foods that can help with fertility.

Traditional Chinese Medicine expounds that foods and lifestyle choices play a significant role in our overall health. Taking optimal care of the body by maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding exposure to harmful substances is especially important during pregnancy. In this article, we will share our Pregnancy Baby Prep Tea Formula that you can make at home to aid your pregnancy journey.

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Article Contents:

Day-to-Day Stress and Tension
Pregnancy Baby Prep Health Wise Chinese Medicine

Pregnancy Tea

Through Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, we attempt to bring the inner environment into a favorable state for pregnancy. Different foods and drinks can help to nourish your body and help to place it in an optimal state in preparation for pregnancy. Let's look at our tea formula that can help you in your pregnancy journey.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry is known for its sweet, nutritious berries however its leaves also hold a lot of nutrients and are sometimes made into herbal teas for health benefits. Red raspberry leaf tea is particularly popular for its potential to help pregnant women deal with the adverse symptoms associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

One study looked at the use of herbal remedies among 600 pregnant women. It found that 52% of women on a habitual basis made use of a herbal remedy and that 63% of them had tried drinking red raspberry leaf tea.

Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is generally recommended for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, but some women drink it in the first trimester to alleviate nausea and vomiting.

Many women claim that drinking red raspberry tea shortens labor. A study conducted among 108 women found that those who drank red raspberry leaf tea in the final trimester of pregnancy experienced a shorter first stage of labor. In addition, it indicated that these women who consistently drank red raspberry leaf tea during their pregnancy had decreased use of forceps and other interventions, as well as a decrease in the probability of pre and post-term labor.

Red raspberry leaves contain fragarine, A plant compound used in herbal medicines to help tone and tighten the muscles in the pelvic area as well as the walls of the uterus, which may reduce menstrual cramping caused by the contractions of these muscles. In addition, it may aid in helping to make delivery easier.

Baby Prep Tea Formula


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Nettle Leaf ... 1 gram

Vietnamese Cinnamon ... 0.3 grams

Baked Liquorice ... 0.3 grams


Heat in 96°C/205°F for 4-7 min

Keep reading to see our bonus section below on recommended foods for fertility.

Fertile Foods

List of Fertile Foods

Foods provide essential nutrients that circulate through your body and can have an effect on the success of your conception. T

Fruits & Berries

• Goji berries

• Blackberries

• Raspberries

• Pomegranate

• Plums

• Coconut


• Beets

• Chards

• Red cabbage

• Sweet potato

• Taro root

• Yams

• Peas

• Shiitake mushrooms

• Sprouts

• Artichoke


• Spirulina

• Blue-green algae


• Seasame seeds

• Pumpkin seeds

• Flax seeds


• Almonds

• Hazelnuts


• Adzuki beans

• Soybeans


• Brown Rice

• Rye

• Sunflower seeds


• Organ Meats

• Free-range Eggs

• Wild fish (Not large fish)

List of Foods to Avoid

• Processed foods

• Junk food

• Candy & Refined Sugar

• Canned foods

• Cold food & drink

• Ice cream

• Frozen yogurt

• Processed oils

• Large fish

• Alcohol

• Coffee

• Cigarettes

Chinese Medicine and Herbs For Fertility

Each person’s body and composition are different, and at Health Wise we tailor-make solutions to your unique pattern of symptoms. Incorporating targeted herbs in a comprehensive fertility plan makes it possible to increase the chances of fertility enough to help some couples conceive.

The Chinese herbal approach is amongst the most sophisticated herbal systems that have been developed. In Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal therapy, herbs are rarely taken by themselves but are instead used in an effective combination prescribed in a formula to address your unique pattern of symptoms and improve the function of the body as a whole.

A meta-analysis found that Chinese herbs can increase fertility by two-fold within a four-month period when used appropriately. We use thousands of herbs in Chinese Medicine and each formula is uniquely customized to each patient's condition. The value of the herbs comes from using them in the appropriate combinations and correct amounts to gain their utmost effectiveness.

We recommend getting in contact with us or coming to our clinic for a proper diagnosis and taking the most appropriate herbal formula to suit your needs. Working with an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine will increase your chances of conception.

Herbal Therapy and IVF

Research shows that Chinese herbal therapy during an IVF cycle improved egg quality, increased endometrial thickness, and resulted in higher pregnancy rates. Click here to read more about this study on combining Chinese Herbal therapy with IVF cycles.

In another study, women who were using Chinese herbs combined with DHEA for 8 weeks before an IVF cycle had better quality embryos in comparison to the control group who didn't. Click here to read more about combining Chinese Herbs and DHEA on the outcome of the quality of embryos.

Using herbal therapy alone or in combination with acupuncture in the time before an IVF cycle is often supported by Reproductive Endocrinologists (REs). Herbal medicine is safe and effective under correct supervision. It is important to make sure that your herbal supplements are high-quality products.

Chinese Herbal Therapy at Health Wise

Our clinic has over thirty years of experience, and we aim to deliver the best Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. About our Chinese Herbal therapy treatments:

Our Formulas

Our formulas contain a combination of herbs that are uniquely selected to support your health. Our registered practitioners are qualified to blend herbs that address your symptoms and treat your whole body. Our herbal dispensary will mix the unique herbal formulas as prescribed by our practitioners to treat your diagnosis.

Herbs Sourcing

Our herbs are carefully sourced from growers and manufacturers that we trust to provide pure and effective herbs.

Our Process

You are always changing so we believe your herbs should change accordingly. We adjust your formulas to suit. In addition, we will provide clear directions on how to take your herbs. When you need a refill just come on in.

For bookings give us a call at +852 2526 7908 or email Chinese Herbal Therapy treatments by our certified practitioners are both safe and effective.

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