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How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

"How do I prepare my body for pregnancy?" It is the most commonly asked question when couples come to our clinic to ask for fertility advice. This article will cover how Chinese Medicine can help your body prepare for pregnancy. Learn more about Chinese Medicine treatments for Fertility and Pregnancy at Health Wise.

Article Contents:

Ageing Old Couple HealthWise TCM
Ageing Old Couple HealthWise TCM

The Holistic Approach to Pregancy in Chinese Medicine

Whether you are having difficulties conceiving or planning to get pregnant, the holistic approach in Chinese Medicine can help to improve your chances of conceiving.

Instead of focusing purely on the reproductive system, the holistic approach used in Chinese Medicine also considers other areas such as your emotional state, digestion and immune system. By looking at the picture as a whole, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners aim to help to optimize fertility.

In the same way that soil needs to be cultivated before a seed is planted, we aim to cultivate the body in preparation for conception. When you sleep better, digest well and have a good sense of self, your body's reproductive system is healthier.

What causes infertility from Chinese Medicine Perspective?

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at health from a holistic approach. The Chinese Medicine perspective for fertility attributes the following reasons for issues with infertility: Irregular cycle or an absent of ovulation, endometriosis, polycystic ovulation syndromes (PCOS), blocked fallopian tubes, uterine abnormalities, excessive age, thyroid function issues and auto-immune diseases can all contribute to infertility.

What is considered a good cycle in Chinese Medicine?

In Chinese medicine, a good cycle refers to a regular cycle where you can identify ovulation. During the time of bleeding, a good flow of bright red color blood is present with no symptoms of pain or cramps or clots.

Around the time of ovulation, you can identify the clear ovulation signal with the presence of an egg white type of cervical mucus. There should be no ovulation pain.

In the pre-menstrual phase, there should be no strong symptoms such as breast tenderness, break outs on the skin, headaches, bloating, back pains or change in appetite.

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