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How To Fix Your Neck Pain

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Do you have a sore neck? It's common. Most people experience neck pain for similar reasons and they often also suffer from lower back pain as well (we'll be doing an article on lower back pain at a later date, stay tuned!). For the vast majority of people, neck pain is a result of constant muscle strain. Our neck has to support the heavy bowling ball on top of it, and it can take its toll over time. Learn about pain management at Health Wise.

Neck pain is a very common condition that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. Everyday life is not kind to our neck. You may be experiencing neck pain right now. Perhaps you're all too familiar with the onset of stiffness in your neck when you start to use your phone for too long or when you strain your neck from poor posture from working in front of the computer? Click here to learn what is the best sitting posture.

The important thing to understand is that neck pain rarely starts overnight. It evolves over time. It may be spurred by arthritis or a degenerative disease, poor posture, insufficient muscle strength, stress, or lack of sleep.

We see this condition at our clinic every day. We can help you with your neck pain right away! Click here to make a booking with us and together we can help you get rid of that persistent neck pain by treating the root of the problem. If you cannot find the time to make a booking, don't worry we've composed an article just for you. Take 5 minutes to read this article to see self-treatments for neck pain. Solve that pesky neck pain and feel better today!

Article Contents:

Neck Pain Symptoms

- Pain and Stiffness

- Numbness or tingling

- Dizziness and blackouts

Neck Pain Causes

Neck Pain Self Treatments

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