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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Tui Na Therapy

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

You may have come across the term Tui Na, a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine massage that is becoming increasingly popular.

Tui Na is a form of therapeutic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. The name of this massage therapy comes from the two words that describe the rhythmic pushing ”Tui" and squeezing "Na" that is used in this treatment.

If you're interested to learn more about Tui Na in Traditional Chinese Medicine, visit our Tui Na page.

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Article Contents:

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na For Overuse Injuries

Acupuncture at Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy For Chronic Pain Relief
Cupping at Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy For Chronic Pain Relief

What Is Tui Na?

As we mentioned before, the term "Tui Na" translates to "push and squeeze". It is a therapeutic massage treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tui Na therapy uses pressing, stretching, and mobilizing of soft tissue to promote circulation in the body.

Tui na is used to address specific patterns of disharmony within the body. Practitioners massage along meridians (the energy channels) on the body. By tapping into these energy points, they aim to balance the body’s qi (vital energy).

Practitioners choose to use this modality for many of the same reasons and the same principles as acupuncture. Tui na can include the use of acupressure points as well, where practitioners place pressure instead of needles to stimulate the acupuncture points. Oftentimes treatments are combined with Chinese herbal therapy to aid a complete recovery.

There are a variety of benefits for receiving Tui Na therapy however in this short article we'll just be focusing on the three benefits below:

1. Tui Na For Overuse Injuries

Repeating the same occupational movements day after day can cause overuse injuries. Tui-Na can be a helpful treatment. It aims to first, relax the tightened muscles and tendons by removing tender trigger points. Then it aims to improve blood circulation into the area to reduce inflammation. In addition, Tui Na can also assist with the lengthening of shortened muscles. Helping to return tendons back to the pre-injury state as well as improve flexibility.

2. Tui Na Is Effective For Chronic Neck Pain

Research has shown that Tui Na is particularly effective for chronic neck pain. One study found that Tui Na provided significant pain relief for participants who were suffering from chronic neck pain compared to those in the control group.

When undergoing Tui Na therapy you may discover trigger points that are particularly tender. These trigger points are considered areas of toxin accumulation. Through local and distal massage and manipulation, Tui Na treatments help to promote circulation to these areas and alleviate pain.

3. Tui Na To Improve Internal Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners believe that the body has a natural instinct towards self-healing. However, as we age our body's function declines and our energy levels drop. This causes a form of "stasis" in our circulation, whereby our energy and blood flow are impeded. This "stasis" condition also produces inflammation that affects our body's ability to absorb nutrients.

Tui Na therapy can help to encourage the body's self-healing processes. It focuses on restoring circulation and removing inflammatory by-products that have accumulated over time.

During the treatment, practitioners aim to stimulate acupoints to clear meridians and improve circulation as well as promote internal health. In Chinese Medicine, we believe that when the body's circulation is restored, it has a greater ability to repair and recover.

Tui Na Treatments at Health Wise

For bookings, please give us a call at +852 2526 7908 or email Our certified practitioners provide effective and safe treatment with lasting results.

The benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments compound over time and can yield long-term health benefits to those who are consistent. Thank you for reading this short article. For inquiries about Tui Na. you can follow this link to contact us.

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