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How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Improve Egg Quality For Pregnancy?

Today we'll be discussing how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve egg quality for pregnancy. You can also learn more about Chinese Medicine treatments for Fertility and Pregnancy at Health Wise.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for centuries to improve fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy, as well as improve egg quality which we will look at in this article. TCM emphasizes the importance of nourishing the body to create a healthy environment for conception. We believe pregnancy comes when the whole body is in balance, and we try to focus beyond just the reproductive system and aim to look at the problem holistically.

Health Wise wants to help you on your pregnancy journey, with over 30 years of clinical experience our team understands the challenges that can come with trying to get pregnant. Contact us today if you're interested in making a booking:

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Day-to-Day Stress and Tension
How Can TCM Improve Egg Quality For Pregnancy?

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Improve Egg Quality?

So, how does TCM improve egg quality for pregnancy? Let's take a look:

Balancing Hormones

Hormonal imbalances can have a significant impact on egg quality. TCM can help to balance hormones and create a better environment for conception. Modalities such as acupuncture and herbal medicine can help to regulate the menstrual and improve hormonal balance.

Improving Blood Flow

TCM can improve blood flow to the reproductive system for healthy egg development.through acupuncture and herbal therapy. Acupuncture helps to improve blood flow to the uterus improving egg quality, while certain herbs, such as Red Raspberry Leaf and Dong Quai, are known to improve blood flow to the reproductive system. Other commonly used herbs include: Agnus-Castus, Chinese Motherwort (Yi Mu Cao). All TCM herbs should be used under the guidance of an experienced practitioner to avoid any adverse reactions.

Reducing Stress

Stress is often a contributing factor to lowered fertility and can have a negative impact on egg quality. When the body experiences stress it elevates your Cortisol levels to respond to the situation. Unfortunately the body has to prioritise its functions in times of stress. With limited time, energy and resources, your body will prioritise your stress response over your reproductive system and can cause fertility issues. TCM can help to reduce stress levels and create an internal environment that can improve fertility.

Improving Digestion

Good digestion is essential for absorbing nutrients that are important for healthy egg development. TCM can improve digestion through dietary changes and herbal therapy. For example, certain herbs, such as ginger and licorice, are known to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Boosting Nutrition

Nutrition is essential for healthy egg development. TCM emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for fertility. Certain foods, such as leafy greens, eggs, and nuts, are known to be beneficial for egg health. Learn more about foods for fertility in our article here. TCM can also use herbal remedies to boost nutrition and improve egg quality.

Supporting the Kidney System

In TCM, the kidneys are considered to be the foundation of reproductive health. TCM modalities can help to nourish the kidney system and improve egg quality.

What Can You Expect From TCM Treatments For Improving Egg Quality?


Acupuncture is a key component of TCM for fertility. Here at Health Wise, we use acupuncture to treat patients who are experiencing fertility issues, as well as for those who are undergoing IVF, and we are proud of our success rates.

Our positive experiences at the clinic are reflected in research that shows acupuncture can promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and improve ovarian function. Acupuncture can be beneficial in promoting follicle production, enhancing uterine blood flow, and improving uterine lining thickness.

In addition, it can also help to decrease uterine contractions after embryo transfer. A study has shown numerous benefits of acupuncture for IVF in women who previously experienced failed IVF attempts.

The acupuncture points are often found on the lower abdomen, arms, and legs, all of which are closely related to the spleen, liver, and kidney. Since these organs are important for fertility, invigorating them can help to improve egg quality. Acupuncture sessions are typically recommended to be once or twice a week.

Herbal Therapy

TCM also uses herbal remedies to improve egg quality. These are provided in the form of powdered teas curated to suit your body's unique pattern of symptoms. Practitioners may also recommend supplements to assist the process. This study shows that TCM herbs can effectively help to improve ovarian and uterine function, enhance endometrial thickness, promote embryonic nidation, and enhance egg quality, which results in a higher success rate in IVF.

Dietary Recommendations

TCM also emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for fertility. Recommendations may include reducing sugar and processed foods, increasing protein, and adding fertility-boosting foods to the diet. If you would like to learn more about foods for fertility, visit our article here.

Lifestyle Recommendations

TCM also recommends certain lifestyle changes to improve fertility, such as reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and avoiding toxins and pollutants. In addition have you ever wondered whether your immune system could be stopping your pregnancy? Learn more in our article here.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be helpful for improving egg quality and increasing the chances of pregnancy however it is important to note that TCM is not a "quick fix". Bringing your body back into balance may take time depending on your condition and the extent of fertility issues that you are experiencing. As with everything in life, it requires time and commitment to see results, and it's important to work with a qualified TCM practitioner who can customize a treatment plan to your specific needs.

Safety Of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Pregnancy?

“Is Traditional Chinese Medicine safe for pregnancy?” is a common question we get. In short, the answer is: ‘Yes it is safe’. Research from a systematic review has shown that undergoing acupuncture is safe during pregnancy when applied correctly. There are a number of acupuncture points and herbal ingredients that our pracitioners at Health Wise are trained to avoid for pregnant women to ensure safe outcomes.

Our team has over 30 years of clinical experience helping patients. You can rest assured that our experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who are legally registered to pracitice in Hong Kong will safely guide you through the process. We specialize in fertility, and under our care you are in safe hands.

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