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Winter Is Coming! Chinese Medicine Tips To Stay Healthy During The Winter.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Winter is coming! Our team at Health Wise wants to provide you with some Chinese Medicine tips to help you stay healthy during the winter!

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Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes living in harmony with the seasons and following the natural cycles of our environment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is a time for us to slow down and regather our energy. It is the time of year to reflect upon our health, replenish our energy, and conserve our strength. Keep reading the rest of this article to see our recommended winter foods, practices, and helpful herbs for the season.

In addition, Herbal therapy can be used as a preventative approach towards maintaining a healthy immune system during the winter, if you're interested to learn more about herbal therapy at Health Wise, visit our herbal therapy page. Our clinic has over thirty years of experience, and we aim to help our community towards better health and well-being. Delivering the best Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. To make an appointment, feel free to contact us today, our friendly staff will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can call +852 2526 7908 or email

Article Contents:

Acupuncture at Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy For Chronic Pain Relief
Winter Health Tips From Health Wise Chinese Medicine

Winter Foods

Over the winter we aim to remain introspective and restful. We want to consolidate our Qi as we prepare ourselves for the burst of energy to be experienced in the spring.

We should aim to maintain an appropriate balance between activity and rest. However, in the Wintertime many people tend to reduce their activity and remain more sedentary. If this is true for your situation then it would also be prudent to reduce the amount of food you eat during this period of time to avoid gaining weight unnecessarily.

Avoid raw foods during the winter as much as possible, as these tend to cool the body. Instead, place emphasis on eating warming foods. Eat warm soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts to help the body stay warm and nourished. The bottom line: rest often, stay warm, and conserve your energy.

What food to eat during the winter:

  • Soups and stews

  • Root vegetables

  • Nuts

  • Beans

  • Miso

  • Seaweed

  • Garlic

  • Ginger

Winter Practices

Seasonal changes in the environment can affect our bodies. With the onset of colder winds and precipitation there comes the increased chance of catching covid, colds, flu, aches, and pains.

These are our recommendations for staying healthy in the winter:

  • Rest much and rest often. The NeiJing, a Traditional Chinese Medicine classic recommends that people go to sleep early and rise late in the winter after the sun has warmed the earth. This course of action helps you to preserve your own energy for warming your body.

  • Aim to reduce your stress. Look for ways to relax and release your stress on a daily basis during the wintertime. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, physical activity are all viable methods to help your mind and body relax. Choose something that suits you, and that you will be able to do consistently. Remember that mental health is an incredibly important aspect to look after during the wintertime as the reduced amount of sunlight gives you less Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with physical diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis) in addition to mental health diseases including major depression.

  • Keep clean and wash your hands regularly. Especially during these times with the ongoing COVID pandemic, sanitization should be at the forefront of your thoughts constantly. Studies have shown that one of the main reasons that we catch colds and flu in the winter season is that we are indoors and in closer proximity to others during the cold weather. We can protect ourselves by sanitizing, washing our hands regularly, and trying not to touch our faces.

Winter Herbs

The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine differ from Western notions about health, and illness. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to take a preventative approach towards maintaining health instead of a reactive approach for fixing the consequences after the onset of a disease.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapy can be a useful proactive approach to help you stay healthy during the winter. Through herbal medicine, we can help you to boost your immunity, lift depression, ease anxiety, and help the body adapt to stress during this winter period. Herbs you can try to incorporate into your diet at home include:

  • Holy basil,

  • Ashwaghanda

  • Astragalus

  • Oat straw

  • Rhodiola herbs

Before adding these supplements to your health and wellness regime, we would highly recommend consulting with a healthcare practitioner. Our clinic has over thirty years of experience, and we can guide you towards your health goals.

Chinese Herbal Therapy at Health Wise

Our Formulas

Our formulas contain a combination of herbs that are uniquely selected to support your health. Our registered practitioners are qualified to blend herbs that address your symptoms and treat your whole body. Our herbal dispensary will mix the unique herbal formulas as prescribed by our practitioners to treat your diagnosis.

Herbs Sourcing

Our herbs are carefully sourced from growers and manufacturers that we trust to provide pure and effective herbs.

Our Process

You are always changing so we believe your herbs should change accordingly. We adjust your formulas to suit. In addition, we will provide clear directions on how to take your herbs. When you need a refill just come on in.

For bookings give us a call at +852 2526 7908 or email Chinese Herbal Therapy treatments by our certified practitioners are both safe and effective. You can opt for the herbal consultation-only session, or add herbal consultation to your acupuncture session.

The benefits of Chinese Herbal Therapy increase over time and can yield long-term health benefits. Thank you for reading this short article. For inquiries about Chinese Herbal Therapy. you can follow this link to contact us.

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