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The Coronavirus from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective.

Updated: May 31, 2021

The coronvirus pandemic has upheaveled the world, and highlighted the importance of prevention in healthcare. There are proactive steps that we can take to prevent the disease as prevention is a better option than treatment.

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Lady in a mask on public transport Health Wise Chinese Medicine

The "Spring epidemic"

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this coronavrius epidemic the "Spring epidemic". It refers to the disease being caused by the unusually warm weaher brough about by spring. In recent years, there has been a greater correlation between the occurence of epidemics and the significant changes in climate. "Humans have known that climatic conditions affect epidemic diseases from long before the role of infectious agents was discovered" as outlined in the WHO article Climate Change & Infectious Disease.

The Best Preventative Measures For Epidemic Diseases

The Chinese Medicine Classic "The Yellow Emperor" presents an extract for preventative measures for dealing with epidemic diseases:

"When the good "Qi" in the body, the evils cannot attack, and avoid the evil Qi"

There are two interpretations for the following extract

1) With a good immune system, you will not get sick

2) Even if your immune system is strong and your body is healthy, you must still avoid getting infected.

In the coming articles we shall have a look at the ways to improve our immune system and avoid the Coronavirus from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective.

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