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How to Age Well from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Updated: May 31, 2021

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine classic "Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine" (dated 2600 B.C.), it describes that men and women have their own sepearate ageing life cycles.

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The 8 Year Cycle of Ageing for Men

Lets have a look at the 8-Year-Cycle of Ageing for Men from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective: #ageing #menshealth

Age 8 — Kidney Qi (the energy resources that you are born with) is abundant. Teeth and hair will grow strong.

Age 16 — Kidney Qi grows and fills with Vital energy (hormones). The reproductive system is activated and thus the possibility of conception.

Age 24 — Kidney Qi is developed. Bone structure is strengthened and strong. Teeth become well developed.

Age 32 — The whole body has developed to its optimal condition.

Age 40 — The body starts to gradually decline for the peak condition. Hair and teeth begin to fall out and become dry.

Age 48 — Kidney Qi and Yang energy (the whole body's functions) further declines. The complexion becomes withered and hair turns white.

Age 56 — Liver energy declines. The tendons become rigid and less flexible. The development of deficiencies in sexual hormones, and the reproductive functions weaken.

Age 64 — Vital energy becomes weak. Hair loss, bones and tendons become fatigued. Teeth begin to fall out and the body becomes decrepit.

The 7 Year Cycle of Ageing for Women

Lets have a look at the 7-Year-Cycle of Ageing for Women from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective: #ageing #womenshealth

Age 7 — Kidney Qi (the energy resources that you are born with) is abundant. The teeth and hair grows strong.

Age 14 — Vital energy (hormone) arrives. All channels in the body are filled with Qi and blood. Menstruation starts and the reproductive system is activated.

Age 21 — Kidney Qi is balanced. The teeth and body grow to the full height.

Age 28 — Kidney Qi is at its peak. Bones, muscles and hair grow strongly. This is the most fertile phase of a women's life cycle.

Age 35 — The body beigns to decline gradually from the peak condition. The meridian channels on the face begin to decline. The face begins to age and hair starts to fall out.

Age 42 — All Yang channels further declines. The face continues to age and the hair starts to turn white.

Age 49 — Qi and blood declines and menstruation dries up. The ability to conceive is lost. Physical appearance becomes old.

Ageing doesn't need to be a difficult process!

Continue to scroll down and continue to read the article below to see tips on how to deal with the ageing process!


By making small changes to our eating habits we can reduce the risks of chronic diseases associated with ageing! rssed foods to avoid here. By avoiding processed foods and beverages we can eliminate added sugars and chemicals from our diet. In turn, we can reduce our risks of heart disease and diabetes. You can try swapping soft drinks for herbal tea and processed snacks for sliced fruit and vegetable snacks.

Foods that are thought to replenish kidney Qi are grains, cooked dark green leafy vegetables, black soybeans, black sesame seeds, black mushrooms, walnuts, chestnuts, fish, shrimp, seaweed, lamb, and duck. #healthfoods #eatwiththeseasons


Sleeping at the right time is another key factor. Sleep is a critical time when the body is repaired, nourished and our systems are rebooted.

The timing of our sleep should be acted in accordance to the Sun. Our body should be active when the Sun is out, and resting when the Moon is out. #sleep


For a balanced body, we have to take care of both our Yin and Yang sides of the body.

Consider a combination of Yin and Yang exercising patterns. Include both active and quiet type of exercises.

Active types of excercise such as cardio, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight lifting can strengthen our heart functions, and build muscle.

Quiet types of excercise such as stretching can calm the body, release muscle tension and protect musculoskeletal injury. #excercise


Many relaxation techniques and energy exercises can positively affect our meridian balance.

We recommend mindfulness-based meditation. A technique that can cool down our brain activities for better concentration and focus. Please click here and see the following article for how to get started in meditating on mindfulness. #mindfulnesss #meditation

Stay Connected

By staying in touch with our friends and family we can keep our health for longer and we may add years to life.

A large body of scientific research shows that social interaction of having strong, happy relationships with family, friends and community is an important factor in good health and longevity. Click here to see details from an article by Harvard that suggests "An active social life may help you live longer".

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