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How to Age Well from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Updated: May 31, 2021

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine classic "Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine" (dated 2600 B.C.), it describes that men and women have their own sepearate ageing life cycles.

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The 8 Year Cycle of Ageing for Men

Lets have a look at the 8-Year-Cycle of Ageing for Men from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective: #ageing #menshealth

Age 8 — Kidney Qi (the energy resources that you are born with) is abundant. Teeth and hair will grow strong.

Age 16 — Kidney Qi grows and fills with Vital energy (hormones). The reproductive system is activated and thus the possibility of conception.

Age 24 — Kidney Qi is developed. Bone structure is strengthened and strong. Teeth become well developed.

Age 32 — The whole body has developed to its optimal condition.

Age 40 — The body starts to gradually decline for the peak condition. Hair and teeth begin to fall out and become dry.