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Health & Wellness Awards Ceremony Photographs Featuring Dr. Troy Sing

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Clinic Update:

Welcome to our clinic update!

We would like to share some incredible photographs from the 2021 Health & Wellness Awards Ceremony.

Following a nomination by the city's premier health & wellness magazine, Dr. Troy Sing was voted for Best TCM Practitioner in Hong Kong and won gold.

We were able to gather some of the moments from the awards ceremony and we wanted to share them with you.

Chinese Medicine Green Tea
Dr. Troy Sing Receives Gold For Best TCM Practitioner in Hong Kong

Health Wise Clinic promotes Dr. Troy Sing's approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The clinical practice has been helping patients for over 30 years in Hong Kong, and we aim to continue to provide leading Chinese Medicine therapies for the community. Continue scrolling to see moments from the ceremony.

Clinic Update Contents:

Photographs From The Health & Wellness Awards

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