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Dr. Troy Sing Wins Gold For Best TCM Practitioner in Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Clinic Update: Dr. Troy Sing wins gold for Best Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong!

Dr. Troy Sing from Health Wise was nominated for Best TCM Pracitioner in the city by Liv magazine. After a tight contest, Troy won Gold!

Liv is Hong Kong's premiere wellness magazine, covering fitness, nutrition, wellbeing & more. Check out the link below for the edition of Liv magazine covering Troy's accomplishment:

Troy Sing wins Gold for Best TCM Practitioner in Hong Kong
Troy Sing wins Gold for Best TCM Practitioner in Hong Kong. Full Article:

Our clinic Health Wise has been helping patients for over 30 years in Hong Kong, and we aim to continue to provide leading Chinese Medicine therapies for the community.

Continue reading the rest of this article to learn more about Dr. Troy Sing, Health Wise, our philosophy, and what we do.

Clinic Update Contents:

Chinese Medicine Green Tea
Health Wise Accepts Consumption Voucher Payments

Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy

Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy led by Dr. Troy Sing, has been home to one of Hong Kong's best-regarded Chinese Medicine Practitioners, since 1990.

The clinic provides crafted individual treatments to address each patient’s internal landscape. At HealthWise, you’ll receive a 60-minute initial consultation and acupuncture treatment with custom-made formulas for your body's constitution.

We aim to provide a caring and compassionate environment. To allow you to tell your story and not just recite medical results and outcomes.

Health Wise provides customized treatment plans for:

Dedicated Care With Meaningful Results

Our approach is deeply rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine, yet integrates seamlessly with the Western medical care that our patients receive. We look forward to joining you on your journey.

The Curated Dispensary

We have curated a selection of over 300 herbs to make unique formulae that we love to use ourselves and also recommend to our patients.

We craft individual formulas to detox & clear toxins, invigorate circulation as well as supplement and nourish the body. Creating the best selection available, all placed in one convenient sachet.

Dedicated to Universal Healthcare

Troy Sing supports WeTherapy in the development of an online platform to ensure that you can reach a Chinese Medicine practitioner and resource your every Chinese Medicine need no matter where you are.

Health Wise Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies

Health Wise has over 30 years of clinical experience providing leading Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture therapies.

Our expert practitioners can diagnose your unique pattern of symptoms and formulate a holistic treatment plan for your condition. The process is dynamic and is adjusted according to the changes in your situation.

We provide the following Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment therapies at Health Wise:

Learn More About Chinese Medicine

Visit our Health Wise Blog, we have a number of informative articles to help our patients. Here's a series of articles that we think may be beneficial:

Acupuncture For Chronic Pain Relief

We aim to continue to provide more useful Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture information at our Health Wise Chinese Medicine's Newsletter page.

Visit this link here to find other blog articles.

Keep up to date with our latest articles by following our social media!

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