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Consistency: The Key To Healthy Living

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we hope to create a proactive and preventative approach towards our own health and well-being through consistency in our sleep, exercise, and thinking. This article discusses how to improve our health from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Article Contents:

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe the universe and the human body conform to certain natural laws. We seek to understand the patterns that move through our bodies to grasp their functions and how diseases arise. We hope to create a proactive and preventative approach towards our own health and well-being.

Consistency is the key to health:

Routine is medicine

Movement is medicine

Sleep is medicine

Breath is medicine

Laughter is medicine


Sleep allows for the body to repair and renourish. When we don’t sleep enough or sleep at the wrong times of the day, we weaken our immune system and increase the risks of infection.

We should be living in a time with the sun. When the sun comes up, our bodies should be in an active state. When the sun goes down and the moon is out, our body should be in a resting state. Our best sleep is accomplished if we fall asleep before 11 pm. For more tips on better sleep click here.


Regular exercise allows us to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), increase our immune system cell activities, and allow our brain to release polyphenols (micronutrients). Additionally, regular exercise can improve our general mood and prevent pathogens from invading our bodies. We should aim for the recommended time of exercise between 30-45 mins daily.

Each session does not need to be a high-intensity training session. Instead aim for a range of different exercises focusing on different aspects of fitness throughout the week such as strength, muscle endurance, cardio, flexibility, and motor control (more information for the Benefits of HIIT Work Out).


Thinking has commonly been overlooked in discussions around health & well-being. We need to be aware that long-term stress and negative emotions can suppress our immune system.

The most important thing is to protect yourself and relax your mind. Allow for mindful meditation daily. Concentrate on your breathing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is suggested that to calm your mind you can massage the "Yintang" acupoint where the base of your thumb joins with your wrist.

Please feel free to browse our blog for more Traditional Chinese Medicine tips on Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

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