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Chinese Medicine with meaningful results

Acupuncture for treating sports injuries

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Acupuncture is commonly used for treating sports injuries. The effectiveness of Acupuncture in treating sports injuries and assisting in rehabilitation is demonstated every day at Healthwise. Over the past 30 years our practitioners at Healthwise have treated over 5000 patients. Aside from injuries & rehabilitation from Sports, Acupuncture is also commonly used for alleviating chronic pains and muscle soreness. In the past, Healthwise Chinesemed has been featured in the media because of our clinic's exceptional ability to deliver outstanding results. 


Here is a list of common Sports Injuries treated at Healthwise by our experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners:


Back Pains,

Knee Pains,

Neck Pains,

Medial Meniscus Injuries,

ACL Injuries,


PCL Injuries


Follow our newsletter for tips on different methods of pain management at home. (Many more conditions can be treated with acupuncture but are not listed here. Please send us an inquiry for more information)


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