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Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Men's Health

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

With the end of "Movember" approaching, we would like to delve into the topic of Men’s Health in this week’s article.

Statistically, men are less likely to engage in help-to-seeking behavior and tend to downplay their physical and mental health symptoms. Unfortunately, unaddressed health issues will worsen over time if left untreated.

We urge you to seek assistance from a healthcare professional as soon as possible if you are experiencing physical or mental health issues. Health Wise has over thirty years of clinical experience, and we continue to deliver leading Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in Hong Kong. If you're interested to make an appointment, feel free to contact us today, our friendly, bilingual staff will be happy to help you. Call +852 2526 7908 or email

Looking at Men's Heath from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view may provide you with a new perspective. TCM believes in dealing with your health issues proactively so that you can live happier and healthier for longer. Let’s dive in!

Article Contents:

Day-to-Day Stress and Tension
Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine For Men's Health | Health Wise Chinese Medicine

Men's Health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

We want to help you to work through your symptoms and cure the root of the issue. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, practitioners believe holistic health is affected by the free flow of Qi within the body.

The stagnation of Qi and poor circulation within the body can contribute to the source of illness. Additionally, the effects of excessive and prolonged mental stress can destabilize the delicate balance within your body and trigger health issues in the long term.

Certain conditions relating to men's health can be effectively alleviated with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies. These issues include high blood pressure, depression, urinary problems, stress, and prostate-related issues. The key is to tackle the issues early and act preventatively.

Acupuncture For Men's Health

Acupuncture initially gained traction in the Western world as a treatment method for pain management. Particularly in managing perioperative and postoperative pain, as well as visceral pain (pain related to the internal organs in the midline of the body), such as angina pectoris (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart).

In recent years, Acupuncture has been used with positive effects in oncology, pediatrics, fertility, emergency medicine, and even post-traumatic psychiatric disorders. The body of scientific research for acupuncture is growing, and the use cases for this Traditional Chinese Medicine modality continue to make astounding impacts.

For example, research supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for depression and related symptoms has come to light in recent years. It has been shown to help to decrease the severity of depression. In an 8-week acupuncture study of 151 men & women, researchers found that depressive symptoms improved significantly for those who received acupuncture (whether targeted or nonspecific), compared to those who did not. In yet another study, acupuncture was found to have similar effects compared to the antidepressant drug fluoxetine.

From the practitioner's perspective, we think of acupuncture as helping your body achieve homeostasis. It increases circulation, harmonizes the nervous system, and regulates the immune system. ln addition, it helps to regulate the endocrine system whereby the treatment can help to reduce your heart rate, moderate respiration, and rest your mind.

Herbal Therapy For Men's Health

Herbal Therapy is another TCM modality that can assist with Men's Health issues. Chinese herbology is one of the world's most comprehensive and oldest forms of traditional medical therapy. It has over 5,767 herbs recorded in the materia medica (TCM medicinal substances book).

Herbal therapy can be an attractive treatment for you if you are seeking fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Herbs can be used to treat an array of different symptoms whether it be for relaxation, pain relief, increasing circulatory functions, improving sexual function, urinary function, or solving male infertility. Herbal concoctions can be crafted to your body's requirements whether they be energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, or spermatogenic, depending on the specific issue.

At Health Wise, we have curated a selection of over 300 herbs to make unique formulas for our patients. We craft specific formulas based on your body's composition and your unique pattern of symptoms.

Visit Health Wise for a Herbal Therapy Consultation today. Our experienced practitioners will give you guidance on what combination of herbs would work best for your body's constitution. Click here to make a booking today.

TCM Lifestyle & Dietary Consultation For Men's Health

Practitioners can provide helpful information for key lifestyle and dietary changes to create the health & well-being you deserve.

For example, for people trying to conceive, certain foods such as eggs, seeds, nuts, oysters, and oats can be good sources of nutrients to support male fertility.

Another example is if you are trying to support your body's Qi, aim to consume a moderate amount of warm spices including ginger, shallots, and cinnamon.

Sometimes simply picking the right kinds of foods and eating with the seasons is all the medicine you need. If you have a condition we have not mentioned, feel free to contact us, and we shall try to address it! Call +852 2526 7908 or email

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