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Benefits of Cupping For Injury & Sports Recovery

In the recent Japan Olympics, you may have noticed the strange markings on the backs of professional athletes. These markings are especially apparent amongst swimmers including Australian Olympic medalist Kyle Chalmers and Japan's Akira Namba.

These renowned athletes have once again renewed interest in the mainstream media towards a form of therapeutic treatment called Cupping.

Though cupping treatment may seem like a relatively new trend, in fact, it has been a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapeutic treatment in Asian countries for centuries.

Cupping treatment can be helpful for injury & sports recovery. It can help patients to relieve pain and muscle soreness. The cupping technique uses suction to gently pull the muscle and fascia upwards releasing tension and providing relief for the patient. If you're interested to learn more about cupping in Traditional Chinese Medicine, visit our cupping page.

Spend the next five minutes reading this article in the section below and learn about how cupping can help you relieve your muscle pain.

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