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Cecilia Cheung 

July 2019 

Do you have refrigerator syndrome? 

A common mistake people do in summer is consuming a lot cold sugary food and drinks. The coldness would be trapped in the body, slow down circulation, lower immune system. 

In this article, we would talk about healthcare tips for summer. 

Cecilia Cheung 

May 2019 

Are you working in the office with tight neck? 
Do you wake up with neck pain? 

Do you sprain your neck after exercise? 

Here are some Self-Help Massage Tips to relieve it!

Cecilia Cheung 

June 2019 

A lot of women suffer from menstrual cramps. 

When this happens, patients not only suffer from pain, it also changes their mood and lowers their quality of life. In addition to this personal lives, work and relationships can be affected. 

No one likes pain, why not do something to stop it…

In this article, we talk about a Diet and Act-Massage tips to improve the conditions.

April 2019 

In this article, we would teach some acupressure point massage techniques that can relieve the sciatic pain temporarily. 

April 2019 

In this article, we would teach some specific acupressure massage points to relieve the exact nasal congestion area.